Salt & Pepper Media Inc. is a widely recognized leading public relations firm with an outstanding team of experts in the fields of public relations and journalism. Simply put, we all live, eat, sleep and breathe PR and journalism. We are known for getting our clients in the news media (Print, TV, Radio and Online), and we also specialize in social media, news writing, copy writing, branding, website design, and marketing and advertising.


Paul Fitzgerald

Founder & CEO

Paul Fitzgerald has over twenty years of experience in public relations and journalism. He represents clients in Burlington, Toronto and New York City. He is also a columnist with The Toronto Sun, The London Free Press, The Toronto Tribune, CNN International Report, and Inventor Spot. He also writes feature stories on popular Hollywood celebrities.

James Spalding

Senior Partner & Head Video Producer

James Spalding has long enjoyed working with our clients across the GTA, Toronto and the USA on a large volume of video and news content campaigns. He has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of video production, and has worked on a variety of productions: news documentaries, corporate videos, sports broadcasts, live music concerts, and more. He is very innovative, creative, and is talented with filming, producing and editing.

Tom Zink

Head of Advertising & Creative

Tom Zink has been an innovator in advertising, creative and strategy for over the last fifteen years. He has worked with scores of clients in Burlington and across the GTA and Toronto, and clients rave about his work, creativity and sense of humour. He also teaches part-time at local colleges, and he also heads up our clients relations efforts.

Meet Our Team

Ray Boutine

Senior Graphic Designer and Lead Creative

Bill Fluery

Senior Writer and Lead Creative

Peter Mallett

Senior Writer

Kevin McIntosh

Senior Writer & Blogger

Phillip Miles

Writer & Event Planner/Promotions

Terry Milne

Film & Production

Iris Pearce

Senior Web Designer

​Michael Spenser

Branding Expert/Creative/ Copy Editor

Clarissa Richardson

Senior Event Planner/Promotions & Advertising

​David Ryan

Senior Writer & Editor

Kathy Roberts

Web Designer & Lead Creative

Erika Simmons

Journalist & Publicist

Christine Thompson

Web Designer​

Andrew White

Film & Production


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